So...what's this podcast all about?

This is a podcast about startups — for real people.

You'll find answers you can actually understand for all the questions you were afraid to ask. Not totally sure what a Series A is? Have questions about stock options? Just need a no-BS definition of "liquidity event"? You've come to the right place.

Anneke Jong, host of So Startups

Anneke Jong, host of So Startups

So...Startups is hosted by Anneke Jong, an entrepreneurial veteran who's been working in startups for over 15 years. When it comes to startups and tech, she knows more than the average person and less than the average expert, which is perfect, because you don't need some stuck-up "guru" making you feel bad for being a n00b. You just need someone to give you honest answers that actually make sense.


Loves: simplicity, funny stories, and socks.

Hates: jargon, snobs, and slow wifi.

You can find Anneke on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. She really only uses Snapchat to do face-swaps with her cat.